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Rose Garden

A love of Roses

Since their first cultivation in central Asia over 5000 years ago, Roses remain a statement of fashion and love and are still undoubtedly one of the most famous flowers in the world. The display of Roses at Bicton kicks from early summer to late autumn.

The Rose Garden is nestled directly in front of the Palm House providing the perfect opportunity to marvel at the of of the most beautiful glass buildings of the nineteenth century surrounded by colours and scent. It seems fitting that a building built 200 years ago as a love token is encompassed by flowers that still today represent the gift of love particularly on February the 14th.

More recently the addition of Dahlias and Salvias work in perfect harmony with the roses providing an even greater attraction for bees and pollinators enabling a healthy and thriving ecosystem. These flowers remain beautiful right up until the first frost and with recent weather patterns providing more milder conditions caused by climate change this can stretch into deep November.

A notable shrub in the Rose Garden is the very rare Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) which can be dated to pre 1837 and flowers yearly with a deliciously rich, almost sweet fragrance. In addition a multi stemmed Ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia) stands on the Palm House lawn and when in flower typically in August there it is a frenzy with flowers that bees adore.

The earns in the Rose Garden are planted up twice annually similar to all other earns around the gardens providing an all year round interest. Particular favourites are petunias in summer and pansies in winter. 

Palm House Camellia: Magnolia

Rose gallery

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